Need For Speed Mustang Sold for Charity at Barrett Jackson Auction!

Collectors have a thing about movie cars. The 2013 Need For Speed Mustang GT has been auctioned and bought for charity purposes earlier this month. We must congratulate the new owner and Henry Ford Health System, that benefited from the sale. The car is fully drivable and besides being a movie car from Hollywood, the Mustang graced the stage at Barrett-Jackson`s Auction held on April the twelfth.


The bidding was going wild as expected, since all the money were going to go in the hands of Henry Ford Health System. Hundred thousand pounds were instantly achieved. However, Flynn David from Florid went home with the car, writing a check of three thousand pounds.

Check out the photos of this ride!


The Need for Speed Mustang has a six speed trans, plugged into the 5.0 liter engine. The car was additionally fitted with coilover suspension system, rear and front sway bars, third-link trailing arm  able to adjust, revised suspension points, upper strut mount kit  and lower trailing arms. The insides were also modified, as delete kit from Laguna Seca BOSS 302 rear seat, roll bars and front seats from Recaro were fitted in.

Considering all of its upgrades, this Shelby Mustang may make  quite a show on the road even though was sold on a sale, so it can never have a license for use on the streets. We sincerely hope that whoever owns it now, shall give it a bit of rest.

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