This Ford Mustang GT Hillbank Motorsports 427 HB-R!

Roush performance has abundance of Mustang products. They start with basic Mustangs with only body work done and end with a stage 3 Mustangs that include interior suspension and supercharger. However, there are people who are willing to build their own Mustangs as for example Hillbank Motorsports did. Representatives of the company said that they wanted to build their own Mustang which may not be that complicated since all necessary parts can be found.

Mustang GT Hillbank Motorsports 427 HB-R 7


The Hillbank Motorsports team took a basic Mustang GT in which the Roush parts were incorporated. They started with the engine and the supercharger system that enables the car to develop 427hp. As for the interior, it is dominated by black and gray and has aluminum decorations. The seats are extremely cozy, while the Hillbank logo is placed on them. There is also a Kenwood stereo system installed.

The chassis and the suspension were also redone. Roush ones have been installed. The last part that was installed was the body kit that included side skirts, rear wing and fascia and window panels. In that way, this Mustang was given an entire Roush style.

At last, check out this highly modified Ford Mustang grabber blue!

Mustang GT Hillbank Motorsports 427 HB-R 5


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