Mustang Car Chase Sceen With Paul Walker In A Brick Mansions Official Movie Trailer!

Check this awesome Brick Mansions Official Movie Trailer. This time Paul Walker plays a role representing the other side of the law. Yet again, he fights the bad guys. Nevertheless, there are still scenes where we can see him doing stunts we are used to see from him. Don`t worry, there is a lot of action, car chases and great martial art fights. Moreover, this movie is actually a recreation of a French movie from 2004, District 13. Paul Walker`s (Damien Collier) partner David Belle (Lino) appears in both movies. If you are into action movies, this could be the perfect choice for you but you will have to wait 2 months till its premiere.

I always wanted to see another David Belle’s movie. RIP Paul Walker, wish he could be there for the cinematic opening 🙁 Just wish Paul was here to see it too.

Enjoy the video below!

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