Moyer Made Chevy V-8 1:6 Scale Engine Based on a 327 C.U. Corvette Motor!

Every now and then, we find a video that truly impresses us. We are lucky to say that today we have a video for you that left us speechless after we saw it. This is amazing! Check out the Moyer Made Chevy V-8 1:6 Scale Engine Based on a 327 C.U. Corvette Motor! Apparently, this is the smallest running Chevy V8 engine in the world! It is a 1/6 scale replica of the actual 327 C.U. Corvette motor, and it is slightly bigger than the hand shown in the video! The overall craftsmanship of this small scale replica is remarkable and the attention of detail is incredible as well. As the creators claim, everything from this engine is to scale: spark plugs, distributor etc. We were really interested to see how much horsepower this small engine has, but unfortunately, the creator didn`t say. Nevertheless, this is an incredible creation and it deserves to be seen!

This is one of the reasons why we decided to share of video of it with everyone here! If this thing can be built into an RC car replica, that would be more impressive… Can you just imagine the possibilities? Whatever RC car this engine goes into, we are certain that it would be unstoppable! You could put this Moyer made Chevy V8 engine in a go-kart as well! That would be quite fun to watch. However, we can only fantasize about situations like those. Until the owner of this small scale engine decides to put it into another machine, watching a video of it is the best we can do. Sit back and enjoy this excellent 1/6 scale replica of the 327 C.U. Corvette motor! Anyone knows how much did it cost?

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Enjoy the video below!

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