Monstrous Cobra F16 RC Model Does Awesome Aerobatics In The Sky! Godlike Pilot SKILLS!

The F16 fighting jet is a lightweight multi-role aircraft that is highly maneuverable in both air-to-air combat and air-to-ground attack. It`s designed as a high performance, cost effective combat weapon and because of that used by twenty five nations around the world. However, it`s not only one of the most favorite aircrafts in the military world but in the RC aircraft hobby as well. When it comes to the RC hobby, we`ve seen so many awesome aircraft builds over the time that we find it hard to pick a favorite. Nevertheless, this awesome Cobra F16 RC Model in the video bellow is definitely running for that position.

With working turbines, this insane jet hits the skies for the first time exactly like the real thing. The fellow behind the controller must be having a blast operating this awesome F16 RC model. He is maneuvering that scaled down fighter jet into some awesome aerobatics. At one point in the video you can see the aircraft with its tip pointing upwards. We got to give mad props to this pilot who obviously has countless hours of experience behind the controller. This mesmerizing exhibition occurred at the United-RC-Flights event in Germany. Before watching the video, turn the volume up and enjoy the aircraft`s powerful sounds.

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