Meet with Three Generations of The Original Mustang Family!

We are all aware, both from common knowledge and from personal experience that people around us (especially the closest ones -- grandparents, parents…) are influencing on many things we do in life. And just like with many other things, later on we become aware that things we do are consequence of that influence. That is exactly how the story of Chris Emlet, from Elizabethtown in Pennsylvania is beginning and how he ended up with a Mustang in his garage. As he is telling himself, his grandfather got into the world of cars by restoring a 1926 Prospect Deluge Master fire truck. This paved the way for his father Jeff to get the first member of the Mustang Family, a 1965 Mustang GT and later on to him, buying his first car, a 1997 Ford Mustang V6. But this was not Chris` final stop, after turning 19 he decided to step a bit higher and purchased ’06 Mustang GT you can see on the pictures below.

'06 Mustang GT

Understandably, GT`s new found power made an impact on Chris. And after getting acquainted with a Cervini’s Auto Designs C – 550 E ground effects package at a Carlisle Ford Nationals event, it was clear that they are about to make their first big car modification. With the exception of the hue, he and his father did all the work with the Cervini’s kit.
And in order to make it a perfect match with the rest of Cervini’s C-500 E components, they gave the car Charcoal stripes over the top. Next were the wheels and they decided for a Shelby Razor wheels wrapped in Nitto 555 treads. Some of the exterior modification took a bit longer time to be done, but afterwards, it was time for digging under the hood.
First step was to add cams to the Three -- Valve buildup and they went for a Brenspeed Detroit Rocker cams and tuning prowess, than added a Hurst shifter, a SCT X -- Cal handheld tuner, the cold air intake was from C&L Performance, long tube headers from SLP and Pypes Performance mufflers.

Even though all this changes were a big enjoyment source for Chris, later on, along with is dad, once again they visited Brenspeed and purchased a Saleen supercharger, with Ford Racing 39 lb/hr injectors, 3.4 inch pulley and dual Shelby GT500 fuel pumps.

Father and son did all job by themselves and after everything was in place and installed, they took their `Stang GT to McNews Automotive in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania to make an appointment with the rollers. It was established that their product was now able to generate 466 HP and 416 pounds feet of torque. Pretty cool, isn`t it? It is now a whole Mustang Family!

We also have to mention that interior was also modified with a Katskin leather upholstery kit and for more custom touch on the inside, they ornamented the seats with C – 500 E embroider.

Now when the car is `complete`, Chris is using every opportunity to attend to as much car shows as possible. He is proud of his creation and has every right to be so. His next plan is to add even more power to it and to lower down the suspension. Only thing he would have to make is to alter the exhaust and he could call it a done deal. We would just say – Go for it Chris!

Anyway, check out the Mustang GT police car, still part of the Mustang Family!