Meet the RTR-X: New Way of Thinking and Imagining!

When you see this car you will probably agree that it is a good car, but the real thing that matters concerning the car is that it gives you a new perspective, a new way of thinking and imagining. At least, that is what motivated the whole team to work non-stop in order to make this car.

However, this car was not built only for looking good and to have a magnificent style. It was also built to be able to endure real tough drive. The most surprising thing is that the vehicle contains nothing made in 1969. Not a single part! It is true that it was started from scratch, with aftermarket bought parts. The RTR-X is not a Hot Rod you see in catalogs and still it is one of the most aspiring cars ever. When Steen Chassis received the new Dynacorn `69 Mustang chassis it was immediately replaced with an Art Morrison one.


Building this car was really exciting for the team. Team`s members say that building each part of the car was a special adventure with lot of excitement. The vehicle features 2010 Ford 5.0 engine that begin to be produced in April, 2010. But, since the team had really close connections to Ford Racing, the team got this engine a bit earlier which made this car a real monster if we take into consideration that when massively produced this 2010 Ford 5.0 engine was considered to be a real beast. Then again, the close collaboration with MoTeC gave this car an excellent Engine control unit (ECU) that was actually the first unit to be able to control all cams by itself. The name of this ECU is MoTeC M800. Having in mind the weight of the vehicle`s chassis, that is 3,160 pounds, the 401 wheel horsepower on 91 octane that this car produces is not bad at all, even though it is relatively little for traditional muscle car. The Kinsler individual throttle parts are something that was decided to be included in the vehicle from the beginning.

However, there were a lot of fans` opinions that the car should get better appearance in terms of being more alluring. The team did it by adding more appealing details in the external appearance. Besides these changes the car performed as good as prior to the changes, while the suspension system was completely undamaged meaning that its performance was not compromised for having better external look. The wheels were the actual fundament on which the car was built.  The thing that is quite spectacular, but often unnoticed is that things like the bumpers and the seams are completely made of metal.

As for the interior, it is polished very well. When you see it, you have impression that it just came out from the factory. Furthermore, it is a mixture of both standard car and racing car elements. And, it has a radio, too.

All in all, this is very original car. It has a bit of every sub-automotive style. It is a street car and it is also a racing car. It is fashionable and it is avant-garde, too. Actually, it is a bit of everything.