Fastest Chevy Nova – BLACKTOP OUTLAW Owned By Dylan Cassell!

Hello Gearheads! Boy do we have something interesting for you today! Knowing that you are all honest car lovers and all, we have decided to give you a video made by a real Gearhead like yourselves who is actually breaking the ¼ mile with his 1969 fastest CHEVY NOVA!

This car that you will see in the footage is quite possibly one of the best cars that this country has to offer! The driver of this car has put so much effort into making this one the perfect car to drive!

This 69 Chevy Nova has a name, a pretty tough one and it`s called THE BLACKTOP OUTLAW! We hope that there is no need to explain you where do the words come from. However, the Outlaw was taken to the track on a beautiful day and boy did it put down some numbers! Fastest Chevy Nova in the County passed the 1/4 mile with a top speed of 147.23 miles per hour!

For that matter, it only needed 9.074 seconds which puts this car into the 9 second club which is truly impressive! Check out the video and see the BLACKTOP OUTLAW in action!

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