Meet BIG BUD Tractor Which is The Biggest One In The World!

All of us have a friend who is extraordinarily tall and large, so it will be no mistake if his nickname is Hulk. Well, if that friend of ours was a farmer then he would definitely be owner of this Big Bud tractor – the largest tractor in the world ever. The numbers clearly justify the impressive title of this vehicle, as it is long around 27 feet, it is 14 feet tall and it can brag itself with 20 feet width. Amazing right? Well that is not all, as this enormous truck can reach 900HP and when is filled to the top it weighs 50 tons.

Usable or not, this monster machine is definitely a thing to be proud of and I think we should be thankful that the owners have not put any armor or weapons on it, because those are the only things that are necessary to turn this truck into a powerful tank.

How is the feeling to drive this thing? I don`t know the answer, but after watching this video, you will surely get an idea of the driving experience that this tractor can offer. Who knows, maybe you would like to become a farmer after this.