Magic Body Control Mercedes Benz TV Commercial “Chicken”!

This is not the first time that the Mercedes Benz TV commercial Team surprises us and make us smile! They have come up with a FANTASTIC and CREATIVE way of representing the MERCEDES BENZ MAGIC BODY CONTROL! Do you know what they used for the commercial? – Chickens! And not just any chicken, these can move their bodies to the rhythm of Diana Ross` great disco hit – UPSIDE DOWN! This is a great way to get people`s attention and many have said that this commercial made them purchase a Mercedes Benz! Check out the video, even if you do not want to buy a car right now, the chicken are worth watching! They are HILARIOUS!

Magic Body Control Mercedes Benz TV commercial “Chicken”!

At last, check out this role Mercedes is playing on the screen!

Enjoy the video below!

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