MadMike Wins D1NZ R2 2013 With 26B Powered RX7! ROTARY LOVE! Watch The Stunning Performance!

Check The MadMike’s top step on the podium on the D1NZ Championship in Whangarei, New Zealand.

Drifting, drifting and only drifting. This means only one thing. Mad Mike is in da house! Again with his gorgeous Madbul 96 Mazda FD3 RX7. Check out his performance that led him to the first place in the second round of the D1NZ Championship. However, he and his team faced several difficulties while paving their way to the top. Like blown differential, busted oil coolers, cracked axle and Mike was not able to shift gears after a while because the gearbox got stuck in fourth! Besides all that, it is a great performance, because he claimed a victory! Love what you did Mike! Love your 26B powered RX7!! ROTARY LOVE!! My new favorite drift video!