LSX Powered 1972 CHEVY CHEVELLE Drag Strip Action!

One of the things for which I`m easily giving myself a liberty to take for granted is that you are all enjoying watching your favorite muscle rides (or imports, for that mater) in action on the drag strip, whether it is in a face-off with another insanely cool and fast car, or when it is only doing a Quarter-Mile passes, trying to beat its best time. That is why we keep on showing you various drag strip action videos, with all kinds of rides, with a refined accent on some of the most iconic Detroit muscles. And that is exactly what we have prepared for you today, a video clip of one pretty cool looking 1972 Chevy Chevelle in beige, powered by a 370 cubic inch LSX motor, with billet S484 and 317 heads, mated to a TH400 transmission. In other words, a classic Detroit muscle that looks very promising on paper, right?

And the best thing about it is that it does not look good only on paper, but it also proves to be pretty good on the strip, during the drag battle with another classic American muscle. I will only tell you that this is a drag race with a very close finish, that manages to break the 9-second barrier.

So, without any other unnecessary chit chats about it, take a look at the video clip below and enjoy the show! And if you are a fan of 1972 Chevy Chevelle and want to learn more about it, go to this link.