This LS Swapped Chevrolet Spark Sounds RIDICULOSLY Awesome!

LS Swapped Chevrolet Spark Sounds 1

Literary every single can undergo a modification according to the needs and ideas of the owner. Though some cars are more likely to be modified, there are others which are not that likely to get any sort of modification. Such car, which is not likely to be touched up, is surely a Chevrolet Spark. This little city car perfectly does its job but nothing more than that. What you are about to see in the following video is completely opposite. This guy filmed this Chevrolet Spark in action and it will surprise you. Though there has not been any change to the exterior, what matters is under the hood.

The video is short, just couple of seconds, but it is enough to hear this little monster in action. It produces amazing roaring sound. Many of you think that this sounds just too good to be true, and you might be right. Many speculate that the video is fake hence there was no other changes to the Chevrolet Spark other than the, supposedly, engine swap. Check the video and decide for yourself. And who knows, this video might even ring a bell to someone to make this dream come true, what do you think?

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LS swapped Spark

Have you ever heard an LS swapped Chevy Spark before? Just listen to that cam chop

Posted by Speed Society on Monday, June 26, 2017