Last time we checked Power Wheels quality, it turned out to be outstanding. Firstly, it was able to support a huge Ford truck, which is awesome! But this time they`ve overdone themselves! A Power Wheels Jeep is going to try and pull a real version of itself! Will it make it? Of course it will! If it did not, it would not be chosen as a video to be presented, and even more important – it wouldn`t be called POWER WHEELS!

Towing a huge Jeep is usually done by professionals, but it is now proved that even little kids can do it! After the first attempt was unsuccessful, the second one was a huge success! People stood jaw dropped, and the legend says some are still reviewing the video in order to solve this mystery! But, the only real answer is – POWER WHEELS! Maybe that`s why they say: “Never judge someone by his size”! And this saying was never more right! That would be all, click on the footage and take a look how an enormous SUV got towed by a Power Wheels Jeep! Be a witness!

Finally, these seem to be the best Power Wheels!