LIKE A BOSS! Racing Down In A ROLLER SUIT With 32 Wheels!

This is the most exciting way to go down a mountain! It is fun, but in order to be fun you have to know what you are doing. Because sometimes the line between fun and fatal can be very thin. Also you should have a stomach for stuff like this, not everyone is able to do such stunt. And most importantly, skill. Meet Jean Yves Blondeau, the man that has the guts to go down the mountain like nobody before. He wears a specially designed roller suit with 32 wheels on it.

He looks like an alien in his roller suit! Sounds odd, but you will put the pieces together once you see the video. Moreover, with this suit he is able to reach downhill speed of 80kmh (almost 50mph). That is impressive! Jean managed to pass the 10.8 km (6.7 miles) in 20 minutes, which is pretty good if you take the 99 turns into consideration. Additionally, when he reaches a flat part of the road, he gets up and uses his roller blades to cross that given distance. When the road starts to lean, he goes down and lest the gravity to the rest of the job.

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