EXCLUSIVE: Lewis Hamilton Driving Justin Bieber In A LaFERRARI Through The Streets Of Beverly Hills!

Lewis Hamilton and Justin Bieber definitely don`t make any apologies for their extravagant lifestyle. The three-time F1 World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, earns his money competing for Mercedes. However, he definitely has a thing for the iconic red of Maranello – Ferrari. One driver in Beverly Hills stumbled upon him driving his Ferrari LaFerrari. This hypercar costs stunning $1.37 million. However, with an annual salary of $38 million, affording it is no problem for a F1 champion. In this one, we have Lewis Hamilton driving Justin Bieber in his awesome looking LaFerrari. According to celebrity gossips, Hamilton and Bieber are known to be good friends as Bieber has accompanied him to many races.

Clearly, Hamilton is enjoying his off season to the fullest. Given his experience with the world`s fastest cars, there are not many more capable when it comes to driving a Ferrari LaFerrari safely. The streets of Los Angeles are not really fitting to a 950HP monster. However, you can see Lewis Hamilton driving his LaFerrari in low gears. This gives us the opportunity to experience the screaming sound of the naturally-aspirated 6.3L V12 engine! Hamilton`s LaFerrari is different than all others made. It features a red roof instead of a gloss black. It even has a very awesome rear carbon fiber diffuser painted red. When you take in mind Bieber`s driving history, he can definitely take some tips from Hamilton.

At last, get inside the enormous garage of Justin Bieber and check out his expensive car collection.