LESSON LEARNED: Being Rude Behind The Wheel, Can Cost You A LOT! Watch This SHOCKING VIDEO!

Being impolite during traffic commute, can have fatal consequences, and that is why we regard this article to all drivers who have witnessed a situation where their neighbor was showing childish behavior. We must mention that we have objectively analyzed this video, and from the footage that is shown, according to us the both drivers are somehow guilty, as they are shooting a video while driving. However here is the short story from the driver that shot this video.

So, the young arrogant driver of the Hyundai i30 has started provoking the camera man way before the video was shot, by recklessly changing the roads, embedding in front of him and compressing.

That way he did not let any pass, which resulted with even more frustration by the driver who shot this video. By passing the young adults, we can see the degree of their aggressiveness, as the passenger girl shows meaningful gestures that literally have crossed all moral boundaries. That is the reason, why the camera man punished the young couple with a slight hit in the back of their Hyundai i30.

Of course we do not support that step, but as we found out, the police was informed for the whole situation, and the driver was advised to go to the nearest police station and write a statement describing the events. That is what he had done.

We have no idea of what happened next to this traffic drama, but if you ever found yourself in a similar situation, we advise you to do the same – call the police and ask for their guidance.

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48 thoughts on “LESSON LEARNED: Being Rude Behind The Wheel, Can Cost You A LOT! Watch This SHOCKING VIDEO!

  1. Alec Freeman

    What should happen is the camera vehicle should be charged. It doesn’t matter what was going on or is the Hyundai driver deserved it or not…

    1. Stefano

      So let me get this straight,, someone drives in front of you on the fast lane and deliberately brakes causing you to hit the back of their car, and it’s your fault?? Did I miss something?

      1. Myles

        Yea that’s following to close for one…and two failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident..

        1. poon

          Brake checking is illegal and dangerous, you cut someone off and slam on the brakes what do you expect to happen. The Hyundai should be charged with reckless driving. They got what they deserved. Karma at it’s finest

        2. LOlwut

          FOLLOWING TO CLOSE IF SOMEONE CUTS YOU OFF? I hope you lose your license!

        3. scott

          Myles you are a moron

      2. Rasmus

        he didnt even brake dude, he rammed him and then the hyundai owner tried to get him to stop. the camera car pulled a hit and run, and as long as russia isnt totaly lawless the camera car man is up for some serious thing and the hyundai douch wont have to pay attention. both legally and morally the camera man did wrong, but mabye the hyundai owner aswell, but not in the same degree..
        tl dr; YES IT IS ,as long as we are talking legally

      3. Juan

        two wrongs don’t make a right. He was wrong to deliberate crash into the i30 and the young driver was wrong in being a reckless driver.

        In my country (Brazil) is common to see these things in the roads. Sadly a lot of people dies because these bad attitudes behind of the wheel.

        1. Johnny ( Post author )

          Thanks for your comment Juan. Unfortunately things like these still happen.

    2. Alec Freedumb

      Alec, I’ve seen some dumb things on the internet today, but you are…

    3. Eloi

      the driver of the compact car appeared to brake check the truck so reletitively it is the compacts fault

    4. Ashley

      As somebody who works with traffic regulations (no, not a police officer) both of these people are wrong, but unfortunately no matter the circumstance the car in the rear is 99% of the time the one at fault. There is supposed to be 3 seconds between you and the car in front of you. Someone cuts you off you’re supposed to slow down, no matter how frustrating, tailgating is NEVER okay, but neither is cutting people off. Purposely rear ending a car because they cut you off is not okay. Not to mention the guy was going to continue driving. Hit and run in most states is taken pretty seriously. In most states (speaking U.S.A) its at least a misdemeanor. Both cars were at fault and are huge pricks, but intentionally hitting a car and driving off is NOT okay.

      1. Noel

        The whole thing started because the passenger started videoing the people in the i30, the driver of the i30 took offense to this but should not have accelerated and changed lanes without caution, he then applied the brakes intentionally to cause an incident which happened. The driver of the SUV couldn’t stop, it is possible that a vehicle behind might not stop safely if he suddenly braked, the video showed that it was unsafe to stop anywhere on the side of the roadway. If he did manage to stop, goodness knows what would happen anyway. Yes it could be seen as failing to stop after an accident, but if you fear for your life, head to the nearest Police Station and sort it out there. One, the person doing the Video was a Passenger not the driver although the driver should have asked his passenger to stop. Two, it was the actions of the i30 driver that caused the accident. If I was an officer attending to this incident, I would definitely book the i30 driver for reckless driving and unsafe lane changing. I would also charge the passenger of the SUV for causing affray. I wouldn’t charge the SUV driver but would caution him/her for not keeping his/her passenger from inflaming the situation.

    5. Albert Navarro

      People like the Hyundai driver don’t deserve a license or on the road yes this guy should deserve more than bump in the rear cause you did not see the picture if he cause an accident for driving like a maniac??? Get the pic??

    6. Obviously this has never happened to you or you wouldn’t say this….it did to me after I worked night shift and was headed home during the busy early morning commute! Little idiot college girl thought it was funny to…not once but three times got in front of me hitting her brakes! I have a big pickup and she drove a wrecked Kia Soul so the first mistake was taking on a bigger vehicle in moderate traffic. The second was pissing me off after a long night. The third was I have hands free, called the police while following her to a nearby college! She was extremely lucky I didn’t hit her and I didn’t loose control of my vehicle and flip it or take out other drivers trying to avoid her!!!! So um no…. The pickup driver shouldn’t have been charged for the car’s driver’s stupidity!

  2. William

    Alec you are incorrect, that could be considered insurance fraud how he jumped infront of him and slammed on the brakes, caught on video.

  3. Kevin

    I’ve been in a situation very similar to this. Guy slammed on his brakes intentionally. I had no choice but to take a very small opening in on coming traffic to get around them otherwise would have rearended them. But as i was going around they swung their doors open. Bam. Jack knifed the doors. Was on phone with cops when it happened. They also said goto police dept. Long story short. Insurance wouldnt fix my car, because they “intentionally” caused the accident. I didnt. But i got screwed. If i had to do it again….

  4. Bolshoibooze Zoeller

    It’s Hyundai’s fault.

  5. Renan Honda

    Hyundai is not even a car, he deserve it

  6. Cangri

    cause Hyundai

  7. Random opinion

    The Hyundai got what he deserve but the camera car should’ve tried to avoid that.
    If the camera car just drove off instead of filming them then that would’ve never happened.

    Most drivers wear shades to hide their face but some just for the sun.

  8. Mama g

    WOW, this guy jumped in front of the truck…

  9. robbiee

    According to me the Nissan driver was being very very polite …

  10. Dalton

    Sorta looks like Karma to me. What goes around comes around and all the truck would have to do is show the cops what the Hyundai did and he’d get out of it. Then I’d make sure that they pressed charges for insurance fraud.

  11. merlin gorski

    Tailgating is getting worse and worse just today 2 guy not thinking that thousands of pounds in motion tends to stay in motion. I hammered the break petal down and had there been a car in the other lane people would have died it’s just a shame most on the highway today do it. Others can pass with room between instead of having to do 160km to get around. I did it and will continue slamming on breaks until there are no more tailgaters. Your not going to hit me unless i know it’s coming.

  12. Jason

    To me, it looks like the guy in the Hyundai was looking for it , especially the fact that he actually drove in front of the Nissan by slowing down. Totally deserved it.

  13. Dave

    Hyndai is lucky. If he pulled that on me I would have put him into the weeds. If you’re going to play games and cut in front of me than brakecheck me, don’t get mad when I shove my truck right into your car. Lesson learned today. Not everyone is nice enough to let your stupidity pass


    A culpa é da putinha que estava chupando o cara e ficou brava por que o motorista e a carona da nissan estavam olhando e sendo assim ficou brabinha por ter cortado o climax.

  15. Chris

    The fault is the compact because if you watch the video closely the compact driver blocks both lanes when the truck was trying to go around and the compact braking causing the accident while between the two lanes

  16. Alvin

    you report that the driver of the pickup was shooting the video he wasn’t the passenger was I think

  17. B

    The compact car is at fault in the accident for driving recklessly. The driver of the pickup is guilty of leaving the scene of an accident. Both are in the wrong.

    Though, in my opinion, the driver of the compact should be held to more harshly. If he did not purposefully cause the accident in the first place the driver of the pickup would have committed no wrong.

    1. Johnny ( Post author )

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  18. Yol

    The wife of the nissan driver was recording and the hyundai driver braked infront for no reason? then its the hyundai’s problem..

  19. jj

    HAHAHAHAA ROFL!!! LMAO! Giving finger on some countries could land you into jail! That is just rude. I dont know what was the reason but that was just unnecessary

  20. Always missing the whole story

    As the video show and what we can only see. Its the Truck driver fault to began with. It show him speeding up to the compact car with no reason and driving side by side just recording them. While the road ahead was clear he decide to stay side by side. We don’t know what happen before hand but it show they did provoke it first. That all we know when the incident started. Whatever happen after both would be at fault in the end.

    1. Johnny ( Post author )

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  21. Dan


  22. That’s a new tailgate

  23. that Hyundai carplate with a SO CALL datuk badge. but stupid driver
    that hyundai switch lane without any signal or warning or Hand signal .
    and simply drive to leftside within 1 to 2 seconds .
    its not the nissan fault that according to Malaysia Road Rules .
    LOL that lane speeding up was logic as …. in malaysia which the other lane is in slow speed .

  24. Joshua

    So many people saying that the danm truck driver deserves to be fined.. Im sorry any of you folk have your license let alone drive trucks?. No? yeah thats what i thought. The truck driver was driving in the fast lane and the hyundi driver pulled infront when he deffinitly shouldn’t have and didn’t give the trucck driver room to breathe. Trucks don’t stop fast at all. Dumb move on the hyundi drivers side.

  25. Espen

    As you saw it was the Nissan ho hit the i30 ass butt the i30 threw himself om front of the Nissan and break. If you pople hear the Nissan gives full throttle into the i30’s ass. I mean it was shared guillt

  26. Acnologia

    The guy in the Hyundai is at fault. There was no reason to cut him off and brakes check (yes he did watch closely). 3 second rule doesnt really apply here because if he slowed slammed on his brake to slow down he risks himself to an accident from the rear. If this were my truck with the Hyundai, I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO SEE ANY OF HIS 3 BRAKES LIGHTS. My trucks simple to high up for a car to be cut me off that closely and with the size I can slow down like that little car can. He would have been a pancake if he tried that with me. The only thing the camera man did wrong, was not stopping.

  27. James Vardy

    They are both guilty!

  28. Gary

    The i30 driver shouldn’t have a license… i30 could be booked for not changing lines safely and obstructing traffic because he had no reason… the 4wd well for one he’s heavier then so there for hes not gunna slow down as quickly, had no reaction time, was cut off by a car changing lanes unsafe so he shouldn’t get punished for that

  29. devils_finger

    Whattt is growing on the driver face? looks terminal.

  30. Barry Fountain

    Sorry but the little idiot in the Hyundai deserved what he got. I also agree with Michelle in that he shouldn’t try to take on the big boys (4X4s) with a little Hyundai. Pity the 4X4 didn’t run the runt off the road legal or not. Hyundai boy got his karma.

  31. JH

    They were both idi*ts

  32. Alexander Trachuk

    You all don`t undrstand the sitution. The driver in Nissan is a local guy from Kiev, the driver in i30 is refugee from occupied by Russia Donetsk. For a big pitty Donetsk drivers are not polite and break a lot of rules. This one brutal way to teach them respect others

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