Legendary Jeremy Clarkson Warned Scots To Forget Their Independence!

We live in a turbulent time where many awful things are going on. There are wars, international disputes and quarrels that shake every country like a domino effect. As all of us already know, Scotland is currently in a deep wish for its independence. But is this a good idea? Will things get better in the future if they are independent? Well, according to our favorite TV guy, legendary Jeremy Clarkson this is absolutely wrong. Just recently he warned the Scots that their search for independence must stop right now. He was at a filming in Scotland together with Richard Hammond and James May. Their crew traveled down the North Coast 500 route and Jeremy Clarkson immediately fell in love with the scenery. He stated that it was the most stunning place that he had ever seen. He had a talk with the locals.

legendary james clarkson warned scotland 1


Most of them even said that getting independence will not guarantee them better life. Moreover, they were not bothered by it hence this is clearly not the right solution. Legendary Jeremy Clarkson said that the vote for Scottish independence in 2014 did not go as everyone planned. Those who wish for independence will look for yet another vote, until they eventually win. But the common sense will disagree with their plans and Clarkson adds that getting rid of the English will not unite them once again. Many locals gathered in the Inverness Castle to watch them finishing the filming. The trio was driving three awesome Italian classic cars. They were the Fiat X19, the Lancia Gamma and the Alfa Romeo GTV6. According to him, Scotland and English should never be separated and should continue developing their relationships. It is basically how everything has ever worked and nothing should be changed!

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