This is HOW you launch Manual Transmission Car!

For those of you who do not know the proper way to launch a manual transmission car, then the following video you might find it fairly helpful, as we take a look at a complete and thorough tutorial.

HOW you launch Manual Transmission Car 2

The video covers all the steps and the car used is the 2016 VW Golf R. All you need to do is to park your car on a flat surface in order to stop your car from moving. The first step is pretty straightforward; all you have to do is to press the clutch. Step number two is applying the throttle and some of you may find this part to be the trickiest one.

This is where you want to set your RPM and this varies according to your engine type; whether it is a high or low torque engine.

How much throttle you are going to apply also depends on whether your car is front, rear or all wheel drive. Other factors play a vital role too, such as the weather.

If its rainy outside you would not need as much RPM hence the traction is very high. Of course this does not have to mean that you would have to keep a constant RPM, this might vary.

In the video there is also a demonstration using props in order to give you a much more detailed tutorial. Using the clutch and the pressure plate as props it is fairly easy to understand how it works.

Check the video for more and see the complete tutorial on how to launch manual transmission car!

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