Custom Lamborghini MOTORCYCLE Grabs People Attention!

Have you ever been searching for your car in the parking lot and instead of it you found a bunch of people standing and admiring a vehicle that was actually parked next to you?! Well, yes it is an awkward moment though, but if your parking neighbor is a magnificent custom Lamborghini motorcycle, you will be more than happy and you will join the crowd.

That is the exact situation that happens in the footage below, where one fascinating Lamborghini steals the show on one parking lot, with its appealing look and amazing piece of engineering.

Considering the size of this tank, one thing is sure -- it cannot travel far per fill, but you will surely want to try it in your neighborhood. Because of its length, the functionality of this bike has also been questioned, so the majority of the experts thinks that this is a dangerous machine that offers a low level of safety. However, we cannot judge its work without knowing the detailed specifications.

That is why we wait the day when we can see this Lamborghini motorcycle in action and hopefully it will admire us with the power it can produce.