Japan Drift Rose To a New Level of Awesomeness!

Check this amazing video, showing us some of the Japan drift automotive culture! There are great moments and cool music!

Have you ever wanted to go to Japan? No matter if you have or haven`t this video will definitely make you reconsider. Loads of great cars in one video. And of course, lots of great action! For example driving a car on the side wheels! All in all this, video is abound with very happy moments. Actually this recording shows how racing is important to these people, and they are dedicating their lives to this passion. Enjoy the numerous races, drifts, smiles that will certainly make your day. *Song name is Michael Holborn, William Henries / Mess With My Mind!

PS: Is there anybody who understands what are they saying at the middle of the video?

Finally, this drifting video is very rad!

Enjoy the video below!

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