IveyTune Alpha GTR Nissan with Incredible 8.4 Sec @ 1/4 Mile!

When we just think how fast the Nissan GTR is `on his own`, one would think that there is nothing else in this world that a gearhead could wish or want in the world of need for speed. And when on top of all that, you add the cutting edge technology of the renown Ivey Technologies, the company who had proved itself in tuning different kinds of sports cars and achieving amazing results, than you start to put the pieces together and get the picture what kind of a GTR monster you get. The following video that you are about to see is the best proof of everything abovementioned. What we have is a Nissan GTR R35, equipped with IveyTune`s 4.1 liter Alpha GTR doing tests on the drag strip, at the 2014 DSM/EVO/GTR Shootout, side by side with other, `regular` GTR. The result is damn impressive – all races are bellow 9 seconds, and the best achieved time is incredible 8.4 sec pass, at 176.70 mph. You have got to admit, even with the legendary reputation of the GTRs, this is really an impressive result. Just watch the video and see how it looks like, especially compared with the other GTR R35.

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Enjoy the video below!

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