5.97 SECs @ 240 MPH By E kanoo Racing SUPRA & ITS 2JZ engine!

This is something the EKANOORACING team was only dreaming about! And right now, their dreams became reality! Strict to the point – THEY`VE MADE IT!!! You are about to witness their first 5 second Import Running! To be precise, they did the 1/4 mile at 5.97 seconds hitting 240 miles per hour with the E kanoo Racing SUPRA!!! There are literally no words that can explain their happiness and joy after finally achieving their standing goal!

However, this achievement is one more proof that their team consists the very best performers and together they are capable of everything! Having the team that is like a family and the God-made engine from 1991, they are unstoppable! It is really impressive how they succeeded to enter the 5 second range with the iron 2JZ short block and a 3.0 stock! However, the E kanoo Racing SUPRA team dedicated this record to their beloved Kingdom as well as to their fans – local and international! They did not forget their supporters and everyone that believed and still believes in them! As the boys are probably still celebrating somewhere right now, you can check out the footage and see their accomplishment!!! Congratulations EKANOORACING and good luck!