Is This the Fastest LS Powered Corvette Ever Built? 4.15 @ 185mph on 1/8 Mile!

In the world of tuned up drag racing cars, we have all seen all sorts of creations with monsters and beasts under the hood and as far as the world of the legendary All American cars, the Corvette goes, this one is probably the fastest LS powered Corvette that was ever built.

It is in a possession of Keith Berry from a BMF Drag Radial Corvette sports a ProLine Racing Engines and it is powered by a 468ci LS motor with Twin Turbo 91 mm. I`m sure that you can imagine the roar that it makes when being paddled on a full throttle and the video you are about to see is a perfect demonstration of that frightening Twin Turbo engine sound and the speed with which this incredible machine is being launched from the starting line.

The car has being tested on a drag strip at a 1/8 mile distance and the achieved time of 4.15 seconds at the speed of 185 mph is a record on it. Watching it doing what it does, you can not leave the impression that it is probably the fastest car, powered with a LS engine. See it and tell me watch you think.

Enjoy the video below!

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