UROFIGHTER TYPHOON Airplane Caught LIVE On Camera!

What intrigues us the most, besides cars and trucks, are for sure – AIRCRAFTS! You are all witnesses how we always inform you about the very best airplanes in the World! Not long ago, we learned a lot about the Boeing 747, as well as the 300ER and so on! In that matter, we have something, fresh and new for you, and that is the amazing JET – EUROFIGHTER TYPHOON airplane!!!

For those of you who have never heard of this aircraft, it is a jet that is in service of very powerful AIR FORCES, such as the German Air Force, Italian Air Force, the Spanish Air Force, as well as the UK ROYAL Force! Seeing this BEAST with your own eyes is A BIG DEAL!!! This one has a TWIN-ENGINE and was designed by the top three AEROSPACE COMPANIES! According to the US Air Force Chief of Staff General, Mr. John P. Jumper – The Eurofighter Typhoon airplane is AGILE AND SOPHISTICATED and is hard to compare with other combat aircrafts! It is like comparing a NASCAR and FORMULA 1 car, both good but yet so much different! However, this truly is one of the best and it is pleasure watching it move! Check it out!!!

To get more information about this amazing aircraft, follow this link! Have fun!