Insane Drag Race! Camaro VS Mustang VS Supra! Find Out Who Wins!

Without a doubt, racing should be done in controlled areas, the opponents should have equal machinery so the closest and best competition can be provided. On the other hand, it can be also very exciting just to pull up at a random stop light, look over your shoulder, and see a feisty opponent who is more than ready to rock. Some people just can`t resist that opportunity to race. Most probably, this is exactly what happened here as a number of high powered vehicles went up to race against one another. It`s one insane street race that will leave you all in awe.

In this video, it seems that someone managed to stop at a random red light at the right time and place as a Toyota Supra, Ford Mustang and a Chevrolet Camaro are all ready to have an insane street race as soon as the light goes green. On top of that, each of these cars have something extra lurking under the hood that craves for competition. The video comes from Ocean City cruise weekend, and it`s the perfect opportunity for these guys to demonstrate some major HP. Check out the winner in the video below. However, we got to say that the real winner is us who get to witness these amazing machines at work.

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