Look at One of the Fastest Nissan Skyline R34 – HUGE Acceleration!

Check out one of the fastest Nissan Skyline R34 -- LOUD REVS & HUGE Acceleration!!!

A super car like the Skyline goes along with a super owner like this! He was so kind to show the guys recording the video what can his car do, more or less. See how grateful these guys are when the driver of the Nissan pressed the gas pedal several times for them while he was waiting a cue from the traffic cop. Moreover, pay attention to the sound of this machine when the engine is idling! That`s right, you cannot hear anything! That`s how awesome this car is! Moreover, you can see its amazingly fast acceleration, performed once again for our satisfaction.
*For those you didn’t know there is a new petition to get the R34 Skyline legal for import in the US. @ (petitions.whitehouse.gov) they need 100k signatures and I’m sure it’s possible if big car pages and Paul Walker fans start to repost!!!

Enjoy the video below!

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