INSANE: 507HP Kawasaki ZX12R turbo Spitting Fire On The Dyno!

Now this is something that you simply do not see everyday, neither on the streets, nor on video! It is only possible with this guy, Ben Shaw from Sydney’s Extreme Creations who is known as the absolute master when it comes to building and constructing amazing parts for motorcycles. But after seeing this video, it will be become very clear that this guy is the utterly capable to get maximum power out of a bike, like he does with this Kawasaki ZX12R turbo.

Just like you will see in the video, on the first look, this Kawasaki ZX12R turbo resembles a lot like most of the bikes you see on the streets everyday, but that is where every resemblance is ending. Ben is putting it on a test and one step after another, with every new try he gets more and more power out of its machine, until he reaches incredible 507.3 HP and 378.8 kW. How about that?!

Most of the sports cars we know and see do not have engines capable of generating that amount of horsepower! I can only imagine all the things that can be performed with this ZX-12R in the hands of the skilful biker.

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Enjoy the video below!

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