1700HP Lamborghini Twin Turbo UGR vs Corvette C6 Z06!

Oh those street races, you have got to love them. What`s good about them is the fact that there is an infinite number of car combination that could race. This time we have an Italian supercar vs American iconic muscle car. The US sports car, the Vette in this case, has 482 RWHP which would not be enough to confront the Lamborghini Twin Turbo done by one of the best tuners UGR (Underground Racing).

INSANE 1700HP Lamborghini Twin Turbo UGR vs Corvette C6 Z06 2

Of course, if the Corvette C6 Z06 had a bigger number of horses under the hood and if it was tuned it would be on another level. In that case  we would have a whole different outcome. But it is what it is, sometimes the legendary Chevy Corvette has to lose, although this wasn`t an equal race, judging by the difference in power. Maybe if the both cars were stock we might see a fair race. Obviously this 1700HP Lamborghini Twin Turbo done by Underground Racing is not a JOKE.

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