This Amazing Injector Cleaning Technique Will Surprise You!

When you want to clean your injectors but don`t want to go through the entire process, you can do this shortened version instead. This injector cleaning technique requires a simple car battery, a syringe, some compressed Carb & Choke Cleaner and some wires. Note that this video has one fatal flaw – you`re not supposed to leave the battery connected, instead you`re supposed to give short bursts of power to the injector so that the solenoid doesn`t get all messed up and blow up your engine. That being said, you`re supposed to take the static part of the syringe and hook it up to the injector.

After that, you take your can of compressed stuff and tie it to the wider part of the syringe, creating a seal. This means that every single ounce of pressure will go to the syringe and it`s a very important part of this injector cleaning technique. After that, you hook up the injector to the car battery, spray some of the stuff in the syringe and give the injector some pulses so it cleans out all of the gunk that`s stuck inside. Guaranteed to work, but you really need to be careful with the car battery – we wouldn`t want you blowing up your engine now, would we?

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do it yourself fuel injector cleaning

Posted by Jay Bowlin on Tuesday, February 21, 2017