Incredibly Fastest Pit Stop By Ferrari! High Adrenaline! Must See!

Check the Fastest Pit Stop by Ferrari at the 2013 F1 race in Melbourne.

F1, the number one racing event in the world! (No offence for those who disagree) Because this event is number one, the teams have to work perfectly coordinated so their driver could climb on the top of the pedestal. In this video you have the chance to see probably the vital part during the race, the pit stop. In this case, the team Ferrari pit stop. Observe the action from a birds-eye perspective. Watch carefully because they shall do it only once! Try not to blink, because you are going to miss it! Enjoy the art of tire chancing with the lovely F1 engine sound in the background.

NOW WATCH IT AGAIN, because I’m sure it was over before you knew what even happened!

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Enjoy the video below!

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