Hyundai Enters to 3.3 Million Pickup Trucks U.S. Market!

hyundai pick up 2 pickup trucks

Ford is still the Boss in the Pick-up Segment!

For around 25 years the best-selling vehicle in the U.S. is Ford F-Series (Ford big pick-ups).
In 2012, in the United States, around 3.3 million pickup trucks were sold.
More than 30%, or about a million were Ford big pick-ups and only 4%, or more than 126,000 were the best sold Toyota pick-up, Tundra.

Toyota markets the best-selling passenger`s car in the U.S. but cannot compete in the full-size pickup segment and is still far away from Ford.

hyundai pick up Pickup Trucks

Who is the Most Suitable Pick-Up for the U.S. Market?

In the early past Hyundai considered what size of the pickup could the most suitable for the U.S. market and has made its final decision. They will produce big American look pick-ups.

One of the biggest reasons for this decision is the pressure for the pick up production from the U.S. Hyundai dealers. The second biggest reason is that Korean car producer can import these trucks to U.S. without 25% tax on the value of the vehicle after 2021.

hyundai Pickup Trucks side view

Hyundai Would Like a Slice from the Pick-Up Cake!

Hyundai did not enter to the U.S. pick-up segment for a long time. We can say, they were studying the huge truck markets for years or even for decades. Today, they started to think they can get a slice from the cake, like they did with passenger cars in the early past.

hyundai hced 9 talus Pickup Trucks

The new Hyundai pick-up will be based on the new concept Talus HCD9 unveiled at the last Detroit Motor Show.

This new Hyundai model probably will be equipped with 4.6 liter V8 engine with 6-speed auto-transmission.

According to their previous strategy, Hyundai will offer the best truck for the money in order to enter to market in a proper way. So, they will become a big head ache to the Japanese and U.S. producers with its focus on the big trucks.

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