HPR-233 Extremely Fast RC Boat! Max Speed 80 MPH!

Remote controlled vehicles will always be interesting to see, no matter how old you get. You know very well that we love sharing videos of everything RC, and today we continue doing exactly that! The video we have in store for you today features the HPR-233, a powerful RC boat that will undoubtedly impress you with its performance.

HPR-233 Extremely Fast RC Boat 2

This footage is from a speedboat meeting that took place in April 2016, in Edderitz, a small village in Germany. The star of this meeting was definitely the HPR-233, and after you see the fast RC boat in action, you will know why!

This powerful RC boat can go up to 80 miles per hour! It might not be much, but given the fact that it is a remote controlled boat we are talking about, that speed is truly impressive! It is powered by two Lehna 3080 engines, and has 25,000 watts of power. Thanks to this setup, this small beast sounds like a Formula 1 vehicle whilst gliding through the water. It would have been excellent to see this fast RC boat racing, but we guess we will have to wait for that race to happen in the future. Until that moment arrives, make sure to press that play button and watch the video of the HPR-233 in action!

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