How To Make STUDDED MOTORCYCLE TIRES for Your BIKE! PREPARE Yourself For The Winter!

If there ever were custom made tires for the best protection of your bikes and for giving a mean look of your bike, then it doesn`t get much better than the product of this guy, that he made especially for his bike. It is a video of the story on how one passionate biker, who probably got tired of conventional bike tires and all the problems one has with it, decided to turn his tires into an ominous looking studded tires, by using his own personal method and some creative thinking. Many of us can relate to tire problems, and these studded motorcycle tires seem to be a solution to that issue! Not everyone lives in the city where roads are perfect for driving, some have to struggle much more than usual! This is why we had to share this amazing do it yourself video of these studded motorcycle tires!

The procedure for making the studded motorcycle tires is relatively simple. He drills holes in the tires and then fills them up with spikes from the inside and the result is something even better than tank-a-like wheels! Yes, it does require a lot of work and many hours spent in the garage, but the outcome is simply stunning! From what we could see in the video, maybe it would be working better if the spikes were just a little bit shorter, but then again, we have not actually tried it personally to see how it works on the bike. Anyway, if this sounds interesting, than you must check out the video bellow, maybe it will inspire you to come up with something original for yourself. See what we are talking about. Also, feel free to like, share and comment!

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