How To Load A Tank In Alaska Style?! NEED A Winch & 60 SECS!

When you are out there, in the middle of nowhere, you should know alternative ways in order to finish something. This is when you show what you got. These alternatives will save you time, and make you more experienced in your area of expertise. However, you can`t achieve this overnight, practice makes it perfect. Well, the guy in this video demonstrates the aforesaid. He will show you how to load a tank on your truck, just by connecting the cable from the truck to the tank, in 60 seconds! Amazing!

It is obvious that this man is a pro, although we have to admit it looked like this was going to end very badly. But, he proved us wrong. Luckily, the truck has enough weight, so it won`t flip back. That would be catastrophic. Anyway, how he did it? The driver slowly goes back, so he can control the situation and stops when the bed tail touches the tank. After that he applied right amount of tension to the cable needed to bring the tank onto the truck bed using the tail of the truck as a center of gravity. Applause for this -- how to load a tank -- tutorial!

Anyway, this right here, is a different kind of tank!