HONDA CBR 1000 RR Is Challenging A 1000+ HP NISSAN GTR!

Powerful and fast motorcycles Vs extremely quick supercars that are resemble to rocket-sleds that appear like they are chasing to break the sound barrier. Who can remain indifferent on something like that?! Especially when a Gearhead, like most of us, reads the names of the participants in this challenge: highly modified and tuned Honda CBR 1000 RR bike, trying to take the scalp off one also highly modified and extremely tuned up Nissan GTR R35, whose motor is giving a total boost of over 1 000 HP! What an adrenaline rush!

However, I must say something which I know that it sounds boring and corny to many of you, but that`s simply the way we feel about it. I`m talking about the fact that street drag challenges, especially at night, could be a potential scenario for something that none of us wants to see. Simply because the streets are not the same thing as the strip, where there is no one else involved on the road, and they are incomparably much safer.. But because both the Honda CBR 1000 RR and the GTR are extremely appealing and everything turned out to be just fine, we are showing you this clip.

I won`t act as a spoiler and tell you the outcome of this bike Vs GTR street drag battle, so I will only mention that it is very close and tight, and if you got intrigued to see this attractive challenge, just check out the video below and see everything yourself! Afterwards, if you want to see more appealing and interesting bike Vs supercar drag races, go to this link.