HILARIOUS Good Fishing Trip VIDEO! Don’t Let ThatTUNA FISH Go!

There are two types of people: ones who like fishing and others who do not. Both types have their own reasons but fact is that a person who has stated that does not like fishing, he/she liked it after a good fishing trip! Frankly we don`t understand how somebody cannot like fishing, and we believe that those people can`t understand others who like fishing either! All in all, it is an exciting experience and our opinion is that everyone should give it a try. If there is a chance of course.


Anyhow, the video we have prepared for you today features one rather interesting fishing trip occurrence! Several people in a boat in the middle of the ocean fishing and having a good time. One of them was lucky enough to catch a nice, big tuna fish! And just when he wanted to eternalize this moment something interesting happened! As he was holding the fish in his arms, and getting ready for taping, the fish started moving very fast!

Due to the power the fish has, it managed to make this fisherman fall down! This is where the funny moment happens! As this guy was trying to hold the tuna tight he started emitting funny noises! Check out this Good Fishing Trip video!

At last, follow this link to watch one hilarious video where the owner of one powerful Nitro Z21 boat goes fishing!

Let him go!

Posted by Street FX Motorsport & Graphics on Monday, November 23, 2015