GMC KODIAK TOPKICK At Northeast Performance Diesels 2011!

We have seen many trucks in our days. All sorts of them. Some were fast but couldn`t tow, some were great for towing but bulky and slow, whereas some were simply perfect! When we say perfect, one of the parameters we think of is the GMC KODIAK TOPKICK! The first ever production was in 1980 which takes us back to our childhood days when this truck was almost everything we ever worshiped! This General Motors truck was mainly constructed to do the “hard work”.

Thus, we always see this truck as it plays the role of a cargo hauler, a dump truck etc.! Of course, there are those which were built as pickups or even commercial trucks!

However, we will stick to this newer generation of the GMC KODIAK TOPKICK as we found it with a Detroit under the hood as it makes its appearance at the Northeast Performance Diesels in 2011! The reason we are showing you this video now is so we could show you how FINE this truck looked back then and how well it did on the DYNO test! Check it out right below!

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