I strongly believe that 90+ percent of us, the guys who are deeply in love with the fast and powerful cars, and who are constantly watching video clips and reading articles about drifting, and some of the best in the game, have tried at least a several times, to do a little drifting on their on. Which by default means that all of us had experienced some major drift fails, and lived to tell about it! This here is a Nissan 240SX drift action that has gone wrong, big time!

And I firmly believe that there is no need for something like that! Because no matter what kind of a car you are driving, whether it is some jaw-dropping vintage Detroit muscle, or some state of the art sports car, or maybe you have tried to drift with your Mom`s station wagon, if you do not have a drifting experience, the chances you may end up crashing your vehicle are pretty high.

And there is nothing to be ashamed of! The following video clip that we have prepared for you in this article, is another proof, just how difficult drifting is, and that even the smallest mistake can be a cause to wreck the vehicle.

We do not have the info about it, but I don`t think that this is the first time these guys are drifting, and yet, one of them failed terribly.

Just watch the Nissan 240SX drift video and you will see what I`m talking about! And if you want to see more drift fails, click here.