1400 HP AMS Alpha 16 Nissan GTR! This One is Nasty!

Ever heard of the AMS Alpha 16? It will not be a revelation to any of you if I say that some of the best, most powerful and utterly expensive cars can be found throughout the Middle East. The oil money can buy you many expensive and rare toys that only a handful of people in the world can have it. Those of you who are following us on regular basis, have seen that we have shown you many great examples owned by the rich sheiks. There are so many rich and eccentric things in certain parts of the Middle East (especially in Dubai, where this is happening), so it is no wonder that the cars also have to match up with that lifestyle. To put it in another way, whatever model or brand there is, it has to be the best and as powerful as it gets.

Today we are going to show you the most powerful Nissan GTR R35 in the entire Arab world (or so they claim). In order to make it as perfect as possible, those rich fellows in `huge white dresses` have hired Chris Black from the AMS, located in West Chicago, Illinois, to tune up their awesome new Nissan GTR R35, and make it as powerful as possible, using the Alpha 16 kit from AMS. That is how you get the AMS Alpha 16 Nissan GTR!

The final result is absolutely astonishing 1 400 HP. But watch the video and find out the whole deal about it and see how one of the best Nissan GTRs look like. And if you want to find out more about the AMS Performance and see many of their other works, go to this link.