There has been more than enough presentations of the most powerful American muscle car, the one and only Hellcat, and I think that it would be safe to say that rare are those who would not want to have one of these great muscle specimens in their possession. And if you hesitate which one of them would fit your character the best, there is probably only one thing that has not been answered – what happens when you have two Hellcats and how to choose between them?

If you have this dilemma and have ever found yourself thinking which one of the Hellcats would you prefer and like to see parked in your front yard, today we will show you a video that may help you make that decision. It is a clip that will try to give us an answer which one of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat and Dodge Charger Hellcat is actually better. And the only way to do that is to start rolling those beauties.

As you know it well by now, under the hood of each of the Hellcats there is a supercharged 6.2 liter V8 motor that is cranking out at least 707 HP and 650 pound feet of torque. So regardless of whether you decide for the Charger or the Challenger, you are driving a car with a real demon under the hood. However, there are some small details that make them just a little bit different, which might be the reason to `give your vote` to one of the Hellcats.

So if you want to see the whole thing and find out more about the Hellcats and the differences between them, watch the video and expand your knowledge about the most powerful muscle car ever! And if you want to read more on the subject, go to this link.