Hayabusa Powered Golf Cart – 100+ mph INSANE Test Drive! MUST WATCH!

The world is full of surprises! For gearheads like us, finding a good car is always a treat. Finding something that normally goes very slow go 100 miles per hour is the Jackpot! This is why you must check out this Hayabusa Powered Golf Cart! This guy takes this beast on a 100+mph INSANE Test Drive! The owner of this incredible ride is Chris, who is more than happy to give an interview about his Hayabusa powered golf cart! This beauty is hand built, and has a six speed transmission. It even has “fast toys“ written on its sides! Plus points for creativity we must say. Chris even shows us the engine, and it looks MOUTH-WATERING! It is from a 1999 Suzuki Hayabusa and it is perfect for this golf cart! The Hayabusa powered golf cart was purchased from a gentleman in New York, and it was just like all other gold cars. But, Chris decided that his golf cart should be better than the others, and created this incredible beast!

Golf is not really supposed to be a Gearhead kind of sport! The rich men`s game includes bats, golf balls and of course, SLOW GOLF CARTS! But, as history has thought us, there is always that ONE that makes the difference! Thus, check out this HAYABUSA powered Yamaha GOLF CART with more than 100 horsepower! You will no longer associate these carts with boredom since this one is OFF THE HOOK!!! You will have a chance to hear an interview with the proud owner! Ever seen a golf cart that powerful!? Learn more about the engine hiding under the hood! This thing is also equipped with racing slick tires, wheelie bars, custom frame… You name it, this Hayabusa powered golf cart has it! Enjoy!

Lastly, follow this link to watch another fast golf cart speeding at the drag strip!


5 thoughts on “Hayabusa Powered Golf Cart – 100+ mph INSANE Test Drive! MUST WATCH!

  1. David

    He states in the clip that it has a Yamaha engine in it. So why does the heading state that it has a “Hayabusa” engine in it? Hayabusa is made by Suzuki.

    1. David

      Oh, I see, it’s a Yamaha golf cart with a Hayabusa in it.

  2. Theo Vidito

    He said it was doing 70mph but that van was in.front.of.him and on a city road I dont think that speedo is correct at all.

    1. jody

      I think the guy is crazy saying he was going 70 then 1000 and the vechiles next to him was going 200 then cause he was not moving that fast

  3. JB

    Speedometer won’t be right because the tires are much smaller in diameter than a motorcycle.

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