I`m pretty sure that I have already said this in some previous occasion, but I will definitely repeat it again this time, `cause there has never ever been an occasion, or a video clip, that suits it more. And by that I mean – there are big trucks out there, and there are really big trucks, massive monsters that appear to have come out of the silver screen from some Sci-Fi film that makes you think whether what you see is actually true or not and then you have TEREX TITAN!

And this has never been more true, or suitable if you will, than for the Terex Titan gigantic truck, officially the biggest truck in the world! It was designed by the Canadian division of the General Motors Company (the Terex division), back in 1973. However, nowadays it is no longer in use, and it mostly serves as a tourist attraction in Spaarwood, British Columbia, Canada.

If you thought that you had seen it all watching the Monster Truck jams, and some of the big Peterbilts or Kenworths, you were wrong! So if you ever find yourself to be on the West Coast of Canada, pay a visit to the town of Spaarwood, and see this monster yourself. Until then, check out the video below and see what I`m talking about!

And if you want to find out more details about this giant of a truck, go to this link.