Awesome HARD CORE Rally Action with R34 GTR V Spec N1!

We had mentioned this before, the reason why we like Ozzies is that they have one similar characteristic with the Americans, and that is the affection for fast and powerful cars, and one of the races on which we can all see many such examples is the Targa Tasmania event. The video that we are going to show it to you in this article is from Tim Hendy & Joanne Sibley, as they are blasting their way through the group stage, with their awesome Nissan Skyline R34 V Spec N1. If you are looking for some hard core GTR action, than this is it!

The video is actually from last year`s Targa Tasmania event, which unfortunately had started with one rather tragic event, a fatal accident of the NSW driver and his navigator. And even though rare, these tragic moments are not unknown in this sport, so I guess everyone who gets himself into this, knows the potential risks. But today we are going to concentrate on the two abovementioned fellows, who are blasting away their GTR R34 V Spec N1 very skillfully, razing the adrenalin rush to a level of heart attack. Just check out the video and feel the ultimate rush, I think you are going to truly enjoy it, as these guys are completing their win at the Queenstown stage.

Finally, more wild drifting here!

Enjoy the video below!

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