We do not really know how to call this? If we call it a go kart would it be unfair to the other go karts? Moreover, as we know, go karts are SMALL four wheeled vehicles. We would not say this one is small! Also, a go kart usually has a maximum of 20 horsepower and has a top speed of 16 miles per hour (not including Superkarts that can reach 160 miles per hour). So, how do we call a go kart with a BOEING JET MOTOR attached to its back?! How `bout “Jetkart”? Yes, that sounds like a proper coinage since this G-kart is powered by a Boeing Jet Engine!

The video bellow shows you a test run of the Jetkart using a brand new nozzle! The owner, or should we say the inventor of this fabulous kart says that the nozzle has met his expectations with the great flow and all the heat dissipation! As the thrust pattern is a bit tightly concentrated, the pushing power is increasing! He says that the next thing to work on is the AFTERBURNER! However, if you like this awesome invention, you should know that the Boeing Jet Engine Go-kart is FOR SALE. You might as well treat yourself a little!

Finally, if you are interested, read about this Boeing 777 jet plane, might give you the picture.