Gibbs Amphibian PHIBIAN! Boat Truck With High Performance Abilities On Land & Water!

We have all seen many amphibious vehicles and we know well by now that when it comes to this type of boat truck vehicles, speed is not their main characteristic (both in or out of the water) and something that they can be proud of. But this new model by Gibbs Amphibians does not think so and tends to disagree with that statement. Also the people at the Detroit base company “Gibbs Technologies” are no foreigners when it comes to aquatic vehicles. Under their line of products they have the speedy Aquatic sports car, the Quadski watercraft hybrid and the four wheel drive Humdinga SUV. All of these creations praised for their performance.

The initial idea behind this boat truck project is to be the future for the amphibious transportation and rescue units that are in need of a vehicle that will do well and fast on the land and in the water. It is constructed mostly out of carbon fiber and as we said it is pretty efficient on land as well. It can reach pretty decent highway speeds all thanks to its twin turbo diesel engine. When it goes into the water, its wheels withdraw and the dual jet drives comes into play. Even though this model is now two years old, it is still the quickest and largest High Speed Amphibian to this date.

It is very solid, good looking and has a capacity to carry up to 15 passengers, or when it is reconfigured for cargo purposes, it can carry about 3 300 pounds of load and the most important thing about it that makes it different from the other amphibious vehicles is that it is fast, both on land and water.

So go ahead, check out the video that we have prepared for you and find out exactly what kind of a machine we have here. It is pretty impressive.

Now, if you want to see this cool handmade speeding boat, follow this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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