Get Nuts With Forrest Wang’s S14! Must See, Amazing Drift!

There are different kinds of drifting fans. Some of them say that drifting should be and stay as then years ago and an American V8 engine must not be incorporated in let`s say a Forrest Wang ‘s, Nissan. On the other hand, there are fans that support modern drifting.

However, what we tried to explore is whether there is a car that would satisfy the needs of both groups, i.e. to have attractive exterior and noisy engine. We looked a bit for such car, and believe it or not we found it! It is the car that Forrest Wang drove at the Formula Drift event, i.e. the Forrest Wang ‘s S14. Maybe you have not heard about this guy, but he is very experienced in drifting. Forrest has made a lot of cars and black and green color combination is his trademark.

When making this vehicle, he was inspired by the Japanese style. All in all he makes very interesting vehicles that he drives madly. He bought the 1995 240SX from a professional drifter and he made some modifications after some time. Then, the S14 was left without engine for some time, but when Forrest decided to take part in the Formula Drift event, he thought about this vehicle and it took 3 months of hard work to make it eligible for the event. Therefore, the team installed a new safety cage, ear tube system and the paint was also redone. As for the engine, Forrest decided to include the Toyota 2JZ engine and he also included gadgets such as AFI exhaust, Fuel Injector Clinic 2150 cc injectors and Godspeed intake manifold. The engine is backed up by a Garett GTX 3082 turbocharger. With all this power, it is very understandable to pay attention to reducing the heat. Therefore, this vehicle got a very good cooling system consisted of CSR electric water pump, Flex-a-lite fans and huge Koyo radiator.

The interior has a very good electric carbon/Kevlar seats and everything else is very well settled. As for the exterior, it is rather distinct and can be spotted no matter how many cars there are around the vehicle. The car features a D-max roof and carbon fiber canards.

So, according to what we`ve said, it seems like Forrest is doing a great job keeping equilibrium between good looks and excellent performance.

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Forrest Wang S14 2