FWD Go Kart First Ride! Quiet Impressive Although There Are NO BRAKES!

We all know how go karts are built. They have a simple light weight frame, a small engine at the back and it has a rear-wheel-drive. But that will not stop these into constructing something utterly impressive. They created a FWD Go Kart! Though at first look the car looks rather funny and many of us would not take it seriously, this little thing has some power. It has two engines mounted at the front and are hooked up with the front wheels with two sets of chains. It has a simple steering wheel, and that is about it.

Yes that is right, there are NO BRAKES! These guys decided to test it out in their backyard and are very much impressed with what they have created. Other that being unsafe to drive, this front-wheel-drive Go Kart is very fast. It has so much power that it can perform drags. They film the whole testing with a Go Pro, and we can see one guy pushing the Go Kart to the limit and testing its full speed, though he had a minor accident when he could not stop and hit a drill bit set. What do you think, can you come up with something more wacky than this FWD Go Kart?

At last, watch this kid parking a Go Kart like a pro!