Watch How All Of The Furious 7 Stunts Were Filmed In This Video! Exceptional Filmmaking!

Fast cars, big explosions and beautiful women, this makes for the ultimate gearhead movie and box office gold. The seventh installment of The Fast and Furious franchise is the last movie that starred actor Paul Walker before his unfortunate death in a car accident in 2013. However, it was the stunts as well which had a whole lot of people talking and this video shows how all of those glorious stunts were performed. The guy responsible for the Furious 7 stunts was stunts coordinator – Jack Gill. This video also attests to the fact that much of the stunts in this film are real and not CGI.

So everything that you saw in Furious 7 is real as much as possible. One of the scenes which involves a transport plane and some very expensive cars, is all real. You can see a lot of expensive cars being thrown out of a transport plane. Meaning that the whole scene is real except for the actors in the cars of course. In order to film this properly, they had a bunch of camera operators that are sky divers out there with the falling cars filming the scene. You really can`t dislike this video even if you are not an F&F fan. Click on the video below and enjoy all of the various Furious 7 stunts!

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