FURIOUS 7 RECORD With $240M Weekend Box Office Opening!

Everybody knew that the seven installment of Fast and Furious will have one of the most heartbreaking parts of the legendary franchise. And that moment has unfortunately come. We had to say goodbye to our beloved actor Paul Walker who, 14 years was successfully riding us in the world of Brian O`Connor, that was enriched with powerful speed, wild cars and adrenaline rush. We would never guess that one day Dominic and Brian will have to split apart, leaving behind all of their adventures done around the world. However, their friendship and urge to do the impossible will always be remembered and spoken in the world of cinema. Having all those emotional elements fulfilled with the special effects of the modern cinematography, Hollywood has apparently found the necessary formula for a movie that will beat all set records. So far, the Furious 7 record was set by picking up a $143.6 million.

The sequel has with no problems reached the number one spot in the domestic box office. Although this is the 9th best opening in the States, Furious 7 has had the 4th best international opening by earning a stunning $240.4 million. According to the experts, the movie will easily pick up a billion in the next few weeks, and the number of weekends on the box office throne will surely be a big one. The Furious 7 record is almost unbeatable!

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